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Patient Confidentiality

Our GPs, nursing staff & administrative staff have access to both your written and computerised medical notes. They are all governed by the same professional codes of confidentiality and will not disclose informaion without your consent. We will normally share some information with other health care professionals involved in your care and treatment. We may also be required to share information with the Health Authority and other NHS organisations. Patients written consent will always be needed before any information is released to any other service Such as, Solicitors, courts of Law etc.

Please also see 'Your Notes & Data Protection' section of this website page.

The practice is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR regulations.

Sharing GP Notes Across the NHS

If you would like your GP notes to be readable to other NHS staff - for example doctors & nurses at the Walk in Centre, district nurses, physiotherapists, podiatrists - please ask for your notes to be made 'shareable'. Sharing medical information about you with other NHS staff who are providing care for you will allow them to offer you the best treatment and advice you need. Your notes will only ever be read by staff who are treating you and who have asked for your consent to read your notes.

Please click here to download the sharing consent form and hand the completed form in to us if wish to share information.

Sharing your Health Care Information

We keep your health information (your NHS care records) on a secure computer system. This means that Doctors, Nurses and other Health Professionals at the practice have the information they need to help them make decisions about your care.

If you consent we can share your health information securely between the NHS services you are registered with, such as different hospital departments. This means that clinical staff caring for you in those different departments can see your health information and are able to provide safer, quicker and better care for you. If there is a particular consultation that you not wish other services to see, you can ask the doctor to keep that private.

If you do not consent, we cannot share your health information with the other NHS services providing your care. You will have to ensure that these other services have all important information they may need about you.

Sharing Records Consent Form:

Please click here to download the sharing consent form and hand the completed form in to us if wish to share information.

Click here for the Information Leaflet

GP2GP - Transferring Your Electronic Health Record

As your GP practice we hold copies of your patient health record electronically and in paper format, both contain healthcare information about you that your GP needs including your medical history, medications, allergies, immunisations and vaccinations.

If you have previously been registered with another GP in England, upon registering with us your electronic health record will, where possible, be transferred automatically from your previous practice through the use of an NHS system called GP2GP. This allows us to see important information about you quickly.

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